Wedding Quotes for Friends, Family, and Congratulations

You’ve found the love of your life, and you’re ready to start a new chapter in your life. Whether it’s your first marriage or if you’re celebrating an anniversary, we know how important it is to find the right words to express your joy. That’s why we created these wedding quotes for friends, family, and congratulations! We hope they help you celebrate the love that brought you together.


Finding The One

“When you end up happily married, even the failed relationships have worked beautifully to get you there.” -Julia Roberts

“Marriages are like fingerprints; each one is different, and each one is beautiful.” -Maggie Reyes

“You meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you, and then you meet one person and your life is changed forever.” -Jamie Randall (from the movie, Love and Other Drugs)

“It doesn’t matter if the guy is perfect or the girl is perfect, as long as they are perfect for each other.” –Good Will Hunting

“A good marriage is each for the other and two against the world.” -Robert Brault

“One of the greatest things in life is finding someone who knows all your mistakes and still thinks you are absolutely amazing.” -Unknown

“It’s always nice to have someone in your life who can make you smile even when they’re not around.” -Unknown

“I’ve learned … that no one is perfect until you fall in love with them.” -Andy Rooney

“Love is like the wind. You can’t see it but you can feel it.” -Nicholas Sparks

“The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person. You know they’re right if you love to be with them all of the time.” -Julia Child

“I knew you were the one when I realized your smile was my heaven, your laugh was my favorite song, and your arms was my home.” -Steve Maraboli

“No road is long with good company.” -Turkish Proverb

“God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you.” -Rascal Flatts

“If you are with the right person, it brings out the best version of you.” -Beyonce Knowles

Creating a Partnership

“One day, in your search for happiness, you discover a partner by your side, and you realize that your happiness has come to help you search.” -Robert Brault

“Love is a partnership of two unique people who bring out the very best in each other, and who know that even though they are wonderful as individuals, they are even better together.” -Barbara Cage

“The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together.” -Robert C. Dodds

“You don’t marry one person; you marry three: the person you think they are, the person they are, and the person they are going to become as a result of being married to you.” -Richard Needham

“Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife.” -Franz Schubert

“Friendship in marriage is the spark that lights an everlasting flame.” -Fawn Weaver

“Motto for the bride and groom: We are a work in progress with a lifetime contract.” -Phyllis Koss

“There comes a time when a man and woman realize that their separate schemes can be better achieved as a conspiracy.” -Robert Brault

“A good marriage is one which allows for change and growth in the individuals and in the way they express their love.” – Pearl Buck

“Friendship is a deep oneness that develops when two people, speaking the truth in love to one another, journey together to the same horizon.” -Timothy Keller

“The real act of marriage takes place in the heart, not in the ballroom or church or synagogue. It’s a choice you make on your wedding day, and over and over again and that choice is reflected in the way you treat your [spouse].” -Barbara De Angelis

“You didn’t learn how to play an instrument well in one night. It will take time to learn how to “make music” with your spouse too.” -J & G Murphy

“In the enriching of marriage, the big things are the little things. There must be constant appreciation for each other and thoughtful demonstration of gratitude. A couple must encourage and help each other grow. Marriage is a joint quest for the good, the beautiful, and the divine” -James E. Faust

“Marriage is not 50-50; divorce is 50-50. Marriage has to be 100-100. It isn’t dividing everything in half, but giving everything you’ve got!” -Dave Willis


“I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.” -Roy Croft

“Love like there’s no tomorrow, and if tomorrow comes, love again.” -Max Lucado

“Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” -Franklin P. Jones

“Where there is love, there is life.” -Mahatma Gandhi

“No one has ever measured (not even poets) how much love the heart can hold.” -Zelda Fitzgerald

“A fool in love makes no sense to me. I only think you are a fool if you do not love.” -Unknown

“And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” -John Lennon and Paul McCartney

“If you live to be a hundred, I want
To live to be a hundred minus one day,
So I never have to live without you.”
-Winnie the Pooh

“Love is a flower which turns into fruit at marriage.” -Finnish Proverb

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” -Dr. Seuss

“Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” – Robert Heinlein

“Love is missing someone whenever you’re apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you’re close in heart.” -Kay Knudsen

“I can’t say anymore than I love you. Anything else would be a waste of breath.” -Elvis Costello

“It is love that makes the impossible possible.” -Indian Proverb

“Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.” -Unknown

“Lean on each other’s strengths. Forgive each other’s weaknesses.” -Unknown

“Marriage makes you vulnerable and strong. It brings out the best and worst in you and then it changes you in ways you could have never expected. For the better.” -Maggie Reyes

“The highest love a person can have for you is to wish you to evolve into the best person you can be.” -David Viscott

“Any home can be a castle when the king and queen are in love.” -Unknown

“There is no remedy for love but to love more.” -Henry David Thoreau

“To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.” -David Viscott

“Love is more than three words mumbled before bedtime. Love is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other everyday.” -Nicholas Sparks, The Wedding

“Love recognises no barriers, it jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination, full of hope.” -Maya Angelou

“Faith makes all things possible. Love makes all things easy.” -Dwight Moody

Tips for a Successful Marriage

“The first to apologize is the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. The first to forget is the happiest.” -Unknown

“To keep your marriage brimming, with love in the wedding cup, whenever you’re wrong, admit it; whenever you’re right, shut up.” -Ogden Nash

“In marriage, each partner is to be an encourager rather than a critic, a forgiver rather than a collector of hurts, an enabler rather than a reformer.” -H. Norman Wright and Gary Oliver

“The great secret of successful marriage is to treat all disasters as incidents and none of the incidents as disasters.” -Sir Harold George Nicolson

“If you have to argue, argue naked.” -Unknown

“Marriage: If you want something to last forever, you treat it differently. You shield it and protect it. You never abuse it. You don’t expose it to the elements. You don’t make it common or ordinary. If it ever becomes tarnished, you lovingly polish it until it gleams like new. It becomes special because you have made it so, and it grows more beautiful and precious as time goes by.” – F. Burton Howard

“Excitement and fire are not qualities inherent to relationships they are what happen when two people make marriage the number one priority.” -Michele Weiner-Davis

“The greatest favour we can do our children is to give visible example of love and esteem to our spouse. As they grow up, they may then look forward to maturity so they too can find such love.” -Eucharista Ward

“The most important marriage skill is listening to your partner in a way that they can’t possibly doubt that you love them.” -Diane Sollee

“Common courtesy plays a big role in happy marriages. People who are permanently married are polite to one another. They don’t want to hurt one another’s feelings, and they don’t try to make the other one feel humiliated. People who are married for life are extremely kind to one another.” -Frank Pittman

“Marriage is like music. Both are playing different instruments and different parts, but as long as you’re playing from the same sheet music, you can create something beautiful.”

“A good marriage is one which allows for change and growth in the individuals and in the way they express their love.” -Pearl S. Buck

“I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow.” -Leo Christopher