All Your Questions About Your Wedding, Answered.

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How do I book my wedding?

The easiest way to book your date on time is online. You can click here to get started. Once you’ve reserved your spot and made your deposit, you can get your marriage license and you’ll be ready to get married!

What is your availability?

Click here to begin booking! We are open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Our availability is whatever works best for you.

Which ceremony should I choose?

If it will be just you and your fiance, or the two of you with a maximum of five guests, the Sign-n-Go Ceremony may be a good fit. It comes with a photo package, so you’ll be married with great HD photos within 30 minutes.

If you have a bigger wedding party (up to 20 people) or want any of our optional add-ons, the Beautiful Wedding Ceremony is the best package for you. It comes with more photos to commemorate the moment, including some of your family and friends. The Beautiful Wedding Ceremony is a one-hour reservation.

Why can't I schedule a ceremony without photos?

On the services page, each wedding ceremony automatically comes with a photo package. Some people ask why they cannot book the ceremony and not get any photos. After years of performing marriage ceremonies for lovely couples, we know you will want to remember the moment. We don’t want anyone to regret not having photos taken of their wedding, so each package automatically comes with an HD photo package. We do our best to keep the cost down so you can afford a beautiful wedding and the photos to remember it.

When should I arrive for my wedding?

We ask that you aim to arrive 5 – 10 minutes in advance. Please be on time! Each wedding is booked on the hour, so your wedding will need to be rebooked with a new deposit if you are more than 15 minutes late, to timely accommodate the next couple.

What do I bring to my wedding?

Everything is set up for you at the Walk-In Wedding Chapel. All you need to bring are:

  • Your Florida marriage license
  • Your photo IDs
  • Your total payment (minus the deposit amount)
  • Your wedding rings

Can I preview the chapel before my wedding?

When you get married at the Walk-In Wedding Chapel, we do the planning and the set-up for you. There is no need to visit the chapel before your date, and since we are usually marrying other lovely couples when we are open, we ask that you wait until your scheduled date and time to visit us. 

All you have to do to get ready is get your marriage license from a Florida county clerk and bring it with your IDs and rings to your appointment. We have bouquets for you to use, the music ready, and a beautiful ceremony waiting and ready for you. 

Why are some deposits nonrefundable?

At the Walk-In Wedding Chapel, we want to make every process as easy and simple for you. Unfortunately, some couples don’t show up, costing another couple that time slot. Not to mention we are a small business and performing weddings are how we earn a living! 

No-shows cost us money out of our pocket. The deposits are not an extra charge, they are part of your total cost and are a placeholder to reserve your desired slot.

Can I get married without a marriage license?

Just like you cannot drive without your driver’s license, you cannot get married without a marriage license. You must purchase a State of Florida marriage license before getting married. Please visit any of our friends at the Baker County courthouse or Duval County courthouse to obtain your marriage license! Then, you are ready to get married at the Walk-In Wedding Chapel!

What are the benefits of the Walk-In Wedding Chapel's premarital counseling course?

Many benefits come with completing premarital counseling! Most counselors cost hundreds of dollars to complete premarital counseling, but our DIY course is easy and free! Not only is it free when you book your wedding, but it actually SAVES you money! It saves $25 off the marriage license fee AND waives the 3-day waiting period, so you can get your license the same day.

Can I hire Chaplain Scott for an off-site wedding?

Sometimes people inquire about hiring Chaplain Scott for their weddings at different locations around the Jacksonville area. At this time, we are unable to do off-site weddings. 

Can I Bring My Own Minister to the Walk-In Wedding Chapel?

If you have your own minister, the best thing you can do is get married in your church. We do not allow guest ministers to perform marriage ceremonies at the Walk-In Wedding Chapel.

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