7 Reasons Why It’s Still Important to Get Married Today

Marriage used to be a given. These days, people are trying out all sorts of relationships. Cohabitating, dating around, or staying single are all more acceptable than they were in the past. 

So why get married? It turns out there are many compelling reasons to get married. Researchers have discovered that married people live longer, have more sex, are more financially secure, and are healthier than their single counterparts. Read on for seven reasons why it’s still a great idea to get married today.

1. Legal Rights

One of the most practical reasons to get married is to secure the legal rights that come with it. If you are with a partner long-term, not making it official can cause significant financial and legal challenges.

Here are several of the legal benefits of marriage:

  • Government benefits, including Social Security, Medicare, and disability benefits for spouses.
  • Employment benefits like insurance through your partner’s employer, family leave, and retirement benefits for a deceased spouse.
  • Medical benefits such as hospital visitation and the right to make medical decisions in the event your spouse can’t speak for themself.
  • Death benefits, including the ability to direct burial and final arrangements.
  • Family benefits like stepparent rights and marital property and family rights in the case of divorce.
  • Housing benefits like having rights to leases signed by your spouse.
  • Consumer benefits like family rates for insurance.
  • Tax benefits, including joint tax returns and family business partnerships, to divide business income among family members.
  • Estate planning benefits such as inheritance rights and tax exemptions, life estate trusts, and obtaining priority as your partner’s conservator.

2. Longevity

Research shows that married people live longer than their single counterparts. This is especially true when a couple enters into a relationship carefully and is less noticeable for individuals who rush from one marriage to another. While divorce drops longevity statistics slightly, getting happily remarried boosts the numbers back up to where they would be with one long marriage.

Another study showed that married people are healthier overall (as measured by self-reported physical health) than their unmarried counterparts. This is especially true for men, who have higher rates of heart disease when they are single.

There are reasons besides marital bliss for this statistic. Marriage encourages (especially men) to have better long-term habits, to seek regular medical check-ups, and to drink less – all of which contribute to better long-term health.

Finally, getting married makes you more likely to get help when you need it—both medically and otherwise—because your partner is there to support and advocate for you during difficult times like illness or financial strain.

3. Financial Advantages 

A study found that while a significant number of couples who live together cited financial motivations, married couples were more likely to say they loved each other or wanted children together as their primary motivation. However, there are financial advantages to being married.

The financial benefits of marriage are numerous. Studies show that married people have more money saved for retirement and less debt than unmarried people. Retired couples tend to hold onto their savings longer, while single retired people tend to spend their savings faster.

Married men tend to earn higher salaries than their unmarried counterparts and also tend to be more productive at work—spending fewer hours on the job but achieving more in terms of productivity during those hours.

4. Rate Happier on Self Scores

According to researchers, marriage can positively affect women’s and men’s mental health. Decades of research show that married people tend to be happier and less depressed than single people. 

Some researchers thought this was a short-lived effect, but married people in almost every country and culture experience less distress during middle age than their single counterparts.

5. Show Commitment to the Relationship

When you get married, it shows commitment to your partner and the relationship. It also demonstrates a deeper commitment to your family, community, and future.

When you commit to another person for life, it means that you will be there for them when times are tough and when things are going well. You’re not just saying “I love you,” but rather showing that love through actions.

6. More Sex and Better Intimacy

You may be surprised to learn that married couples actually have more sex than their single counterparts. When you break the numbers down by age group, married people have more sex than unmarried people at every stage of life.

Despite the cultural myth that single people have more sex, the research consistently shows that married people have sex more often than unmarried people. In a 2010 study by the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University, a shocking 61% of single people reported they hadn’t had any sex in the past twelve months.

Married couples are more comfortable with each other and feel more connected, which increases intimacy and leads to more intercourse. You can be honest and vulnerable with your partner and still feel safe and content. 

7. Marriage Creates a Synergy

Marriage is a commitment to work together and make the relationship work. When you commit to something, it creates a synergy that is greater than the sum of its parts. 

Marriage has built-in checks and balances so that there are no surprises! You can build your expectations based on what you know of your spouse’s character and personality traits; this allows both spouses to feel safe in their relationship because they know their partner will not change suddenly or take advantage of them in some way.

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Marriage means different things now than it used to, but it still has some important benefits today. Getting married is a beautiful, joyous occasion that should be enjoyed by both the bride and groom. 

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